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A Child's Calendar
A Child's Calendar
A Child's Calendar
by John Updike
Illustration by Trina Schart Hyman

Twelve poems follow a family and their friends through the seasons.
Age: 4 Year-olds | Title: A Child's Calendar  |  Author: John Updike  |  Publisher: Holiday House
Twelve poems follow a family and their friends through the seasons.

John Updike's A Child's Calendar is a beautiful book that includes 12 poems, one for each month of the year. It paints a portrait of each month and how the month is perceived by a child. The poems are cleverly written and will be popular with children and adults alike.

The illustrations are detailed and realistic and will feel familiar to your child. The rhymes are concise and will likely introduce some new vocabulary words. As you read together, your child will also become more comfortable with recognizing seasonal changes and the names of different months.

I read this book with my niece Emily and she found it to be very soothing. She likes the rhymes and thinks it is fun to see all the different months unfold. After reading, we always go through the books again and say all of the months together. She is very because she usually get them all right.


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