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Daddy Hugs
Daddy Hugs
by Karen Katz

How many daddy hugs for baby? Cuddle and count with this hug and read book.
Age: 1 Year-olds | Title: Daddy Hugs  |  Author: Karen Katz  |  Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
How many daddy hugs for baby? Cuddle and count with this hug and read book.

Karen Katz's book portrays a favorite pastime of any child hugging their Daddy! "Daddy Hugs" has thick easy-to-turn pages, simple phrases and some dialogue from Daddy. The colorful pictures are outlined with fun patterns that hold a child's attention while you read. The many different ways to hug a Daddy are numbered, so your little one can start recognizing numbers and learning to count. Readers will learn all the different type of hugs together, from "Tenny tiny finger hugs" to "Kiss it all better boo boo hugs," and even "hide and seek hugs." There is a hug for any occasion.

"Daddy Hugs" reads smoothly in a steady cadence. The sound effect words like "boo boo" and "cha cha" are fun for children to say along with you. Your child will likely want to practice some of the different type of hugs as you read about them. Be ready to read the book more than once before they are ready for the final hug. When the time comes, the ten "I love you's" before the good night is a meaningful way for Daddy to tuck his little one in at night.

My three-year-old friend, Sam, has enjoyed this book for years. When he was one, he often smiled or giggled when his Daddy would hug him while reading. Now, he helps turn the pages, points out the numbers, and recognizes the types of hugs from the pictures. His daddy plans to write a message in the cover so their time spent together with this book will always be remembered.


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