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Dodsworth in Paris
Dodsworth in Paris
Dodsworth in Paris
by Tim Egan

Dodsworth and his (crazy) friend the duck have just arrived in Paris. It is their first time in the City of Light, and they are ready for some adventures "magnifique."

Age: 4 Year-olds | Title: Dodsworth in Paris  |  Author: Tim Egan  |  Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Dodsworth and his (crazy) friend the duck have just arrived in Paris. It is their first time in the City of Light, and they are ready for some adventures "magnifique."

The second book in this series finds Dodsworth and his silly duck cavorting around Paris, France. They stay at the Chateau de Paris, and begin a very pleasant trip observing the many different street performers, sights and smells. However, the duck follows through with a bad idea to make paper airplanes out of Dodsworth's euros and throws them off the Eiffel Tower. Now the duo needs to find a way to make money so they can continue their trip. Although the book could certainly be read in one sitting, it is broken into four chapters. The simple colored images portray animals walking around in clothes and behaving as humans. The pictures fill the top half of the page, while text fills the bottom.  These elements make the Dodsworth books excellent for transitioning your child to beginner chapter books.

You will enjoy the author's humor as much as your child. The duck makes a few coins being silly and imitating a street mime. He talks the hunchback of Notre Dame into letting him ring the cathedral bells, and he even fashions his own beret out of an acorn shell. Your little one will find it interesting that all of the places mentioned in the book are real places in Paris. For instance, Dodsworth rides his bicycle over the Sein River (before accidentally joining the Tour de France) and they visit the Lourve Museum and stare at the Mona Lisa.

My four year old niece, Emily, likes to repeat the French words after me: Beret, debonair, bonjour, magnifique, and au revoir. She cracked up when the duck said 'banjo' instead of 'bonjour' and often makes that mistake now on purpose as a joke.

Since I just returned from Paris, I was excited to find this book. It has four chapters and follows Dodsworth and his silly duck around in Paris, France. The pair stays at the Chateau de Paris and the stories follow them as they explore cafés, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. Dodsworth has one rule for his duck to follow, "You can't cause any trouble here." Well, if that isn't a challenge! So you can imagine what sort of shenanigans pursue. I really enjoyed this book. I will definitely have to get the other two in the series, Dodsworth in New York and Dodsworth in London.

--Dena Garascia, Cincinnati Coupons

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