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Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
by Al Perkins
Illustration by Eric Gurney

A madcap band of dancing, prancing monkeys explain hands, fingers, and thumbs to beginning readers.

Age: 2 Year-olds | Title: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb  |  Author: Al Perkins  |  Publisher: Random House Children's Books

A madcap band of dancing, prancing monkeys explain hands, fingers, and thumbs to beginning readers.

Get ready for a whacky time with Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb! Each page depicts silly monkeys with Elvis sideburns and parted hair dancing around playing all sorts of musical instruments, flinging fingers and toes everywhere! The story is riddled with repetition and rhyme, keeping readers plenty entertained while they basically sing the words. It is barely noticeable that there is not a lot of color variation on each page, because the colors used are bright and contrasting, enlivening the pictures. The book is the perfect size for tiny hands and has board pages for easier page turning.

Your little one will have a ball when you sing them the fun words like, dub ditty, dum dum dum, hum drum, and zum zum! It is fun to drum along on the table or your knee while reading, bopping your head and tapping your toes. You little one can also interact by pointing at the monkey, and you can point out colors, instruments, and count monkeys to them. All the action and crazy words will have you both giggling in no time. This will quickly become a favorite book that you child reaches for again and again.

I had so much fun reading this book to my friend, Dano. The first time we read it, I found myself almost dancing to the reading cadence. He wanted to read it again right away, so the second time I put him in my lap and drummed lightly on his knees while we read. He loved it and clapped his hands the whole time!


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