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I Love Colors
I Love Colors
by Margaret Miller

Lots and lots of bright and beautiful colors that will bring smiles to your little one.

Age: Birth-12 months | Title: I Love Colors  |  Author: Margaret Miller  |  Publisher: Little Simon

Lots and lots of bright and beautiful colors that will bring smiles to your little one.

With pages filled with bright colors and adorable babies, this board book is a great addition for any infant's introductory library. Babies will love looking at the pictures of youngsters much like themselves and the sturdy pages are strong enough to handle a baby's grasp. The objects are easily recognizable, including a vibrant orange flower and a brilliant blue hat.

While the younger readers will simply look at the pictures, toddlers can begin to learn their colors with pages devoted to the six main colors - red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange. Kids can also begin to learn to turn the pages without fear of ripping the book.

While reading this book to my friend's one-year-old son, Tyler, he became fascinated with the green ring photo, which shows a toddler holding the ring up to his eye. Whenever we turned to a different page, he tried to turn the page back. Although he doesn't talk yet, introducing new words will help him when he is ready to speak so this is a great book for him at this stage as well. And when he begins to talk, he will likely be able to participate in reading the book just by recognizing the objects.


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