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I'm a Big Brother
I'm a Big Brother
I'm a Big Brother
by Joanna Cole

This is a child's-eye view of family life, deftly describing the joy of welcoming a new sibling into the family. A companion volume to I'm a Big Sister.

Age: 2 Year-olds | Title: I'm a Big Brother  |  Author: Joanna Cole  |  Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

This is a child's-eye view of family life, deftly describing the joy of welcoming a new sibling into the family. A companion volume to I'm a Big Sister.

In I'm A Big Brother, Cole focuses on the challenges that spring up for big brothers when a new baby is added to a family. With its calming tone and the gentleness of the watercolors, the book acknowledges that a new family member causes change but also brings a joyful opportunity to play a new role. The story also emphasizes that the bond between big brother and his parents will be strengthened by the new addition, which will ease feelings of discomfort.

Your child will want to actively participate with the book and ask questions about the future. Since the little boy is the one speaking in the story, your son will identify with him and feel that the book is more personal. It is also very positive and will help your child feel more calm about his new situation.

My nephew Joshua was a big fan of this book when his brother was born. His little brother Michael came into the world almost exactly two years after him, and there was a lot of curiosity about what this new baby would mean. Now they are playmates in crime and love each other dearly, and this book was very instrumental in starting this relationship out on a good foot.


As my birth approaches (well, let's not get too hasty I have a few more months to go being "preg-neat-o") I've looked around for books to read to Ari about becoming a big brother. I took a book out from the library that was all about introducing the idea of pregnancy to toddlers, i.e. a"what's in mommy's belly" sort of thing, but he was totally uninterested.

That's why when Little One Books allowed me the opportunity to review a couple of their products, one of the key items on the list for me was a book about Ari's impending big brother role. I wanted the book in question to be age appropriate, so I searched the two year-old secction on their site.

I decided to read it to him first thing in the morning. I figured he would be too out of it to protest. I was right. He agreed to listen to the book, and actually became excited about it.The author of this book is quite clever, because she mixes in pictures of things that 2 year old boys care for, like trucks for example.

Ari was also happy to point out many random facts about the book, including (not not limited to) the fact that the baby was wearing a seat belt. I know he enjoyed the book, because after it was over he said "again!" and made me read it at least two more times. I hope the book will sink in and get him acclimated to his role as "big brother" which is fast approaching.

Sarah Fader, Old School New School
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