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by Scott Fischer

If you were a frog in a bog and you saw a bug on a jug, what would you do?

Age: 2 Year-olds | Title: Jump!  |  Author: Scott Fischer  |  Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

If you were a frog in a bog and you saw a bug on a jug, what would you do?

Who likes to jump? The sentences are short and filled with direct rhymes so they read like lyrics, and you will inevitably find yourself singing or rapping the words; "Well, I'm a bug. I'm a bug. I'm a snug little bug." Each little rhyme ends in "And I..." and you have to turn the page to see the word, "JUMP!" in extra large and bold print. Each creature jumping is larger than the previous, and include everything from cats and dogs to crocodiles and sharks! The pictures feature adorable painted cartoons in bright colors that leap off the page when set against the all-white background.

This is a highly interactive reading adventure. The more you let the cadence of the words lead into a song and dance (and trust me, it will), the more entertaining and fun it will be for your little one. Your child will also LOVE yelling "JUMP" with you, so be prepared for the inevitable enthusiasm that such a fun word encourages.  Learning the names of each creature is made easier by the rhymes as well. The final page shows each creature once more, with the tiny bug in the foreground and the giant whale in the background, so you can recap with your little one and practice naming all the jumpers. Perhaps you can even throw your child's name in there somewhere as one of the many jumpers!

It did not take my two year-old friend Dano long to figure out when the word, "JUMP" was coming up, so he would yell it with me and literally jump up and giggle. When my husband is near or reading the book, he will swoop in and lift Dano up high when it's time to yell "JUMP" and Dano laughs so hard we sometimes have to wait for him to catch is breath before turning the page.

Scott M. Fischer is a painter by birth, a musician by training, and a storyteller by choice. This is his first picture book, but not the first book to feature his out-of-this-world pictures. Scott lives with his wife and daughter in western Massachusetts. And he wants everyone to know that he has never met an alien...that he didn't like.
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