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Whose Toes Are Those?
Whose Toes Are Those?
Whose Toes Are Those?
by Jabari Asim
Illustration by LeUyen Pham

Children are invited to explore their toes by playing "This Little Piggy."
Age: 1 Year-olds | Title: Whose Toes Are Those?  |  Author: Jabari Asim  |  Publisher: LB Kids
Children are invited to explore their toes by playing "This Little Piggy."

With Whose Toes Are Those, Jabari Asim has created not only a darling book but an opportunity for you to interact with your child. The text of the book is made up of simple rhymes and swirling warm colors that will charm both you and your little one. The story is very simple which makes it perfect for this age group, and its main character adds some diversity into the world of board books.

Your child will love to hear the sound of your voice as you read through these singsong rhymes. The focus on toes in the book will also give you the opportunity to play with your child's "little piggies" and get them laughing. Through this silly play and the repetition within the story, you will be reinforcing new vocabulary words in a fun way.

All of the questions in the book make this a very popular one with my niece Audrey. The questions allow for more participation and encourage you to use funny voices when reading them. Even if she doesn't answer the questions, Audrey is highly entertained by all of the laughing and tickling that the book provokes.


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